catherine carr - artist biography

Catherine Carr has been working in the Arts for most of her life.  She began her art education in her preteens with intensive courses in watercolor, pastels and basic drawing. She received her Associates of Fine Arts Degree from SFCC.  After a brief stint working in a glass studio she began training in traditional black and white photography then moved onto wax work and mold making in a Santa Fe bronze studio. She was honored to apprentice with an award winning Fine Art Jeweler for eight years and most recently learned lapidary inlay techniques. Catherine is also adept at advertising copy, layout and design.

Cathy has been a featured artist in the Ex Ex Exhibition for many years. Her sculptural work consists of whimsical creations constructed from the “new clays” (paper, epoxy clays)and fabric manipulation.

She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, has a passion for animal welfare, spends her free time volunteering with animal rescue groups and enjoys preforming Middle Eastern dance while maintaining an art blog in her spare time.